"The development of our schools, school identities in the context of European integration"



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As you might have guessed already those large, green letters are quite telling the topic of our project is:
" The development of our schools - school identities in the context of European integration " and was
prepared for students about 15 - 16 years old. During the course of our project, we conduct research
on the following topics:

  • School Life in the Past and Present,
  • Students Everyday Experiences,
  • School Rules and Values They Represent,
  • Special Days and Festivities,
  • The Role of Drama, Music, Sports etc. in School Life,
  • Different Languages in Our School: in the Past and Present the variety of languages the students
    learn, books and certificates,
  • Europe in Our School in the Past and Present and Lessons About It - e.g. Social Studies, European
    Education, History,
  • Intercultural Learning In Our Schools in the Past And Present - exchange programmes and school trips,
  • Visions of Our Schools European Future: One Generation Ahead (in about 30 years time).

Students taking part in project will trade e-mails with their foreign partners, take photos, make interviews,
conduct research, analyze data and make presentations of the results, shown on the website and the
Comenius Corner. Our project also features mobilizations to our partnering schools from all over Europe.